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  • For Visa & MasterCard transactions, a percentage of your giving goes to the merchant for admin charges.
  • All donations to the Church are voluntary and non-refundable.
  • Donations will be used to support the mission and various activities and maintenance of the Church.
  • Donations to specific projects: Excess funds, if any, will be allocated to the Church's General Fund.
  • CSCC abides by the regulations set forth in MAS Guidelines to Notice 626 with regards to AML, CFT,
  • large cash transactions & transactions involving bank accounts.
  • At CSCC we take seriously the responsibility and stewardship of Personal Data that is collected through
  • our website.
    CSCC works diligently to ensure that the church is in compliance with the standards and regulations
    set forth by the government of Singapore as outlined in the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012.
  • For any enquiries or if you require a non-tax deductible receipt, kindly contact us at